Red Wines From Italy

Ciao America! Need to know about Italy’s wine? Here are a few of the basics and then we’ll get into the details. On average, it takes ten individual fruit to create one bottle of wine. There are more than 1,200 different grape varieties in Italy. Italy is home to some of the best wines in … Read more

Health benetifts of wine

21 Secret Health Benefits of Red Wines

Ever since the ancient Greeks worshipped the god Dionysos, wine has been linked to health and wellness. But wine is not just about drinking and getting drunk; it’s a combination of art, culture, and science. There are several theories as to why wine is good for you, but there is no single reason why it … Read more

A 101 Guide to Wine Bodies – Light, Medium & Full

The world of wines can be quite intimidating for a newcomer yet it is equally fascinating. To know how to use the fruit with different permutations and combinations, storing techniques, harvesting methods and then producing a potion that is a delight for all is quite an art and not all can master it. Wine is … Read more

How to Drink Wine on a Diet?

Facts You Should Know About Calories in Dry Red Wines Drinking alcohol and losing weight is a classic question for anyone trying to lose weight without giving up wine or alcoholic drinks. Are you the one avoiding high-calorie and high-fat foods? Are you on a weight loss diet and want to stay thin? If so, … Read more

The Ultimate Wine Quotes Collection

Every glass of wine tells you about yourself when you sip, you just have to pay attention to it. Not surprisingly, millions of thoughts have been formulated in us about wines over the millennia.

The Original Red Noble Grapes

What Makes a Grape Noble?

Noble grapes are also known as ‘International Varieties’ as they have widespread appeal and are widely planted in most of the major wine-growing regions.