How to Drink Wine on a Diet?


Anyone who wants to lose weight is mostly aware that alcoholic beverages do not help their diet because they are high in calories and occasionally sugar. But it’s also obvious that drinking a glass of wine is one of the joys of life that’s not good to give up.

The bad news is that almost everything you eat or drink contains calories. Therefore, if you are watching your weight, the calories in wine need to be counted. And what is the good news? Well, you don’t have to give up drinking wine completely because of your diet. Take it easy. Just read on.

Alcohol + sugar = calories

As everybody knows, the calories in wine come from its alcohol and its sugar. Alcohol actually contributes more calories: 7 calories per gram of alcohol as compared to 4 calories per gram of sugar. So you want to pay careful attention to alcohol content. So it is not the sugar but the alcohol content which you prefer to pay attention to. This is the main rule.

Size matters

You also need to think about how much you’re pouring. You may have read that a 13% alcohol, dry red wine is about 120 calories; that is if you are pouring a standard size. The standard size is about 5 ounces in North America, which is 147 milliliters.

Alcohol content

Dry red wines under 12% are usually pretty tart, pretty lean, kind of diluted on the palate, we wouldn’t recommend these. However, in the 12% to 13% range, you have a wealth of great options. Look at Bordeaux, or all sorts of cool-climate Pinot Noirs, Cabernet Francs, and some Syrahs. There are tons of options out there.

Why pick dry red wine?

All in all, the sweeter and the higher alcohol you go, the more calories you’re going to consume. Unfortunately. That’s why you should pick a bottle of dry red wine and forget the sweet wine types when you want to drink a glass of it.

All things considered, if you make the right choices and pick wisely, you can keep the calories down and enjoy a small glass of wine as fits into your diet plan.

Tips to help you drink wisely

If you prefer sticking to the wines you love, here are a couple of tips to help you drink with moderation.

  1. First of all, you could try moving to a smaller glass, and that way it will seem like you have more wine! Or you could divide your portion into two smaller glasses, extending the pleasure. We tend to find red wine glasses with a huge capacity. It’s not uncommon that they can hold almost a full bottle of wine! Therefore it is important to consider the size of the glass when counting the calories in wine.
  2. Secondly, when drinking wine, also eat a few low-calorie snacks. This is because the sugar in alcohol is absorbed quickly, so it quickly drops your blood sugar level, which drops quickly, and then the torturous feeling of hunger suddenly strikes you. However, this is much harder to control than when you eat something while drinking wine. Light cheeses, small snacks made from whole grains, lean hams can be the perfect accompaniment to drinking wines.
  3. And our last tip for your diet. You could just slap on your running shoes and burn the calories that you plan to consume later. A glass of dry red wine means about half an hour walking or 12 minutes jogging, 20 minutes cycling, or 10 minutes swimming to burn.


Needless to deny ourselves good things because we want to lose weight. This is not a good tactic either, because our brains soon link the concepts of dieting and suffering. And this is already half a failure. So sometimes the diet can include a little holiday and relaxation.